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Posted on 08-25-2014

Many individuals erroneously believe that they need an expensive gym membership in order to get a great workout. You do not need expensive gym equipment and weights to build your strength and stamina. All you need is your body, a list of exercises and motivation to improve your fitness.

The Importance of Working Out at Home

Working out at home can be just as effective as the gym. It can increase your muscle mass, reduce body fat and improve your flexibility, and you do not need expensive cardio equipment or weights. Your own body weight can be used as resistance.

Body Weight Exercises for Fitness

A good workout routine contains both weight training and cardio. Cardio can be achieved by performing several minutes of jumping jacks or running in place if you cannot get outside. If you can go outside, walking around your block and running are two great exercises for cardio.

To increase your arm and shoulder strength, place a chair against a wall. Sit down in the chair and grip the edge of the seat. Slowly, lower your butt off the seat and dip down, letting your arms and triceps take the brunt of your weight. Lift and lower yourself using your arms 10 to 15 times.

Planks work the entirety of your core muscles. To perform this exercise, place your body into the position for a push-up. Make sure your butt is in-line with the rest of your body. You are supposed to look like a human plank of wood. Hold this position for 30 seconds to one minute.

To work your abs, lay down on the floor as if you were going to do sit-ups or crunches. Raise your legs and bend at the knee as if you were riding a bicycle. Bring one knee towards your chest and touch your knee with the opposite elbow. Repeat with the other leg. These can be performed as fast as you can manage.

What are your favorite body weight exercises?

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